Saturday, February 18, 2012

saturday shenanigans

  • woke up after 7am. glorrry.
  • watched whitney houston's funeral on tv. it was beautiful.
  • had a try-out for our church's upcoming easter play. 
  • caught a ride with my dad to tryouts. i love my dad.
  • laughed. a lot.
  • met with a friend that will be designing a few products for the store! YAY!!
  • walmart run with my family.
  • asked my best friend if she was 'working' but my phone auto-corrected it to 'wombing'. best laugh ever.
  • my dad asked to watch breaking dawn: part one. 
  • so we did. 
  • my best friend came over (the one that was "wombing", not really) and we swooned over edward cullen. 
  • okay, i did. she's team jacob.
  • my dad rolled his eyes the entire movie and is still wondering why bella is still antsy around jacob.
  • i came to the conclusion that he didn't read the books, therefore he's out of the loop.
  • then he fell asleep before bella gave birth. 
  • made cake pops with my sister
  • read silly facebook statuses that made me laugh.
  • watched the bodyguard - holy canolies, i think i was still in elementary when that movie came out. 
  • cried a little while watching the bodyguard.
  • drank a huge cup of coffee at 8pm
  • writing this blog post because i drank coffee at 8pm and therefore i'm not tired.
  • grey's anatomy season 4 to end the night....
today was such a home-y day. it was windy outside but the sun was shining... and i saw all the best people in my life... in one day. amazing.
have a great sunday, lovelies!

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