Monday, March 5, 2012

a few songs i'm obsessed with right now

My current favorites...

Imperial Mammoth - Requiem on Water // yep, you can thank Bella Swan for getting pregnant with a vamp child and then having the director of music for BD1 play this while she falls in love with it...him...her..the baby. Anyways, the lyrics are to die for. It makes my eyes get all teary and sometimes when I listen to it, a Grey's Anatomy montage plays in my head.

Eliza Doolittle - Party (Beyonce Cover) // I have been stalking her YouTube channel for the past month now, and I have to say... she can saaaanng. Plus, I love her style. And her guitarist Charleston. A girl who can sing and a guy who can play an acoustic is really all we need some days. You're going to want to stalk her YouTube channel now... DO IT!

Kings of Leon - Manhattan // I'm in love with the first minute of this video. This song is one of my top favorites from the band and every time I hear it I literally travel off to musical wonderland. I love listening to this song with the volume up and me completely oblivious to the fact that no one in the house likes rock music like I do. Go ahead and try it with the volume up, it's beautiful.

Reed Grimm's rendition of Moves Like Jagger // HOLY COW. One of my favorite things in life is when someone "covers" a song but completely changes the song to fit their own singing personality. Reed Grimm has done it and the guy has definitely got my vote! And yes, I'm a bigger fan of AI than I am for The Voice. Hello, Steven Tyler trumps Adam Levine... and so did Reed Grimm, obvi!

Billy Joel - New York State of Mind // How in the world have I just learned about Billy Joel? Okay, wait, before you gasp and run out of air... I always knew of Billy Joel but I never truly listened to him before. One day I came out of my bedroom and heard this song playing really loud and I found my dad on the computer and he gave me the rundown of all his musical favorites. You bet I went and favorite'd this song the next day on YouTube!

City and Colour - Comin' Home // I will never get tired of Dallas Green's swoon worthy voice. Just like Justin Vernon's (Bon Iver), it'll never grow old. Never.

Jamie Foxx - The Brady Bunch Song // Wait, what just happened?

What's your favorite songs?


  1. wow I never heard not even one of the song u posted, so thank u so much for sharing them!!!

  2. ohh i love that kings of leon song! and i never heard of Eliza Doolittle ... and i love love love it.. heading to youtube right now! V:)