Friday, March 16, 2012

life, lately.

Life around these parts have been full of productive work but a little bit quiet. Stayed in for a few days because of all of the rain we have been getting over the past week and a half. I have been hauling my faithful Lola around snapping shots every where I go... here they are

1// "Heart of Life" lyric artwork I made a few months ago. I finally got to hang a lot of my art work back on my freshly painted walls!
2// Random collage I made on a rainy night.
3// My books had to be stacked in my closet while my room was getting a paint job.
4// Grey's Anatomy. All day, everyday. Thank God for Netflix!
5// My books finally got placed in it's rightful place: my bookshelf!
6// Going out to breakfast with the best friend and sister. I love Chasidy's dream catcher.
7// Kauai's first sunny day after all of the heavy rain. 
8// Kaua'i County Building.
9// Many versions of my name at Starbucks.
10// Working at the sound booth at my church's Easter production practice. I love it!
11// Kenzie girl, Mandie and Tehillah babes at practice. They are a part of our Children's Ministry! I love these girls!
12// I am in love with sushi. Best thing ever.
13// Mochi Ice Cream = GOLDEN.
14// Went thrifting with my sister last week and we bought 15 books for $3! STEAL. We went thrifting yesterday too and I bought 7 over-sized travel books. OH. EM. Straight up wanderlusting (is that even the right way to say it?)!

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