Friday, April 13, 2012

i am still alive

Hi lovelies! I am still alive and just wanted to say a quick little 'hi!'.
The busyness of life has been a whirlwind of craziness, but also an excellent teaching tool for myself. God always uses the good, the bad and the ugly to show me that those things that I have been working at and investing my time in for the past few months will be worth it! Well, everything is worth it when you're doing it for God! 

Easter came and went. It was like a heavy cloud (in all the good ways) in the days and weeks leading up to Easter, and as soon as it arrived it became a swift breeze that left as fast as the last person who didn't want to hear another word about the Easter story (we have those people here).

 Enjoy the picture of my sister and I (she's going to kill me because she's not smiling in this one) with Max, Buddy and Maxine. We had a great 4-round Easter Egg Hunt extravaganza the past 2-weeks! 

Be back in a few days with lots of updates on our online store (it's looking good!) and a 2.0 version of my experience in Italy. 

I love you all.

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