Friday, April 27, 2012

updates galore.

I may or may not be the worst blogger on the face of this Earth. My posts have been sporadic and have been lacking the depth that hide so deep in my soul. So, of course, because I just mentioned how sporadic and bland the blog has gotten, I'm going to post an update post. 

One: My online store
Soon, soon, soon! My sister and I have been adamant about keeping the opening date around mid-May and so far, we haven't changed it. We've got a ton of stuff that still needs to be added to the online store front and a lot of things that still need to be made! Ahhh. In the next week-or-so I'll be doing product previews on the blog, so please help me by spreading the word! By the way, the dress in the picture will be sold in our store! It's a vintage floral dress for little girls! AHHHHH.

Two: Exercise
In the last 2 weeks, my sister, cousins and I have been going for runs and it has been amazing! It hurts for now, but I am determined to get my butt in shape! We run/jog about 10 miles in the past 2 weeks. My body is definitely liking this!

Three: I love you. 
Yes, I do. With all my heart.

Going bowling with the cousins... 

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