Tuesday, May 8, 2012

happy birthday mom!

We had been wanting to try out a place called "Tortilla Republic" for a while now and we figured that it being my mom's birthday and Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican restaurant would be the perfect fit. We were in for a real surprise. All the good kinds of surprises.

When we got to sunny Po'ipu, our stomachs were growling with anticipation of eating at somewhere we've never tried before. We were nervous because of the pure failure that can come from one restaurant, but you have to remember, these were all the good nerves. We walked into a very modernized Mexican-style bar: dark brown everywhere with accents of burnt orange. I was kind of amazed at how pretty everything was. It was dark, but with all the openness of the windows and doors, you didn't feel like you were trapped...or eating in a dungeon. I sat there telling my dad that I will one day emulate this look in a part of my future home.
 The food. Oh. My. Goodness.

Everything was simple and tasted amazing. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food - except at 12am when I'm hungry and the only place open is Taco Bell - but I enjoyed every little thing that came our way! From the salsa tasting to every last bite of my carne asada burrito, I could not get enough. My sister is a huge fan of burgers so she opted for the sole burger they offer (they use Kobe beef), I got the huge carne asada burrito with all that yummy goodness on top. My mom and dad went for the seafood dishes: my mom got a mahi mahi burrito that had a lilikoi (guava) salsa in it and my dad got a glorified shrimp quesadilla.

It was funny because before the food came we were all talking up a storm, my parents were exchanging stories about how they met and all the years that have gone by, my dad kept telling us how much he loved our mom. It was really an earful of heartwarming exchanges. Then, as soon as the food came the only thing coming out of our mouths were: "oh my gosh" and "ooooh, this is good" or "wow!". Of course we all said it in our little muffled voices. That is how good the food was. The service was great too!
After walking around and basking in the warm sun and cool air, we ate at Lappert's Ice cream and called it an afternoon. We got home about 30 mins. later and celebrated (even more) my Mom's birthday with all of our family at our house. Sorry for the lack of pictures with people in it, but the food, ice cream and the party at our house was so good that we forgot about my little Lola (camera)! 

Anyways, Happy Birthday Mom!

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