Wednesday, May 30, 2012

that one guy who plays loki in the avengers

After watching The Avengers a whopping THREE times ever since opening weekend, I have developed a celeb crush on the excruciating good looking Tom Hiddleston, who plays the villain 'Loki' in The Avengers and Thor. Here are my three reasons: 

1. He's British. I've always wondered if the British people have ever said to themselves (like we American's do) while describing an American "Oh, there has got to be something in the water over beyond the pond?" - by the way, you totally just said that in a British accent! high five! - Regardless if they do or not, I know that we definitely have been swooning over British actors: Christian Bale, Orlando Bloom and Tom Hardy and now, by way of Westminster, we have the oh so charming Tom Hiddleston. Just like Paul Revere said, "the red coats are coming!"

2. Old-fashioned look. High cheek bones? Check. Swoon worthy colored eyes? Check. This man has got the stamp of 1940 on his forehead and he wears it well. He wears it right. I go all fangirl status because I'm a sucker for old-fashioned... and Hiddles has got it.

3. Um, he can act. He's got prose like Shakespeare and can recite Henry V monologue like he wrote it himself. Plus, he played an American writer, a British army man, a romantic and my favorite: Loki. Brothaa got skill. 

Did I mention he's good looking?

I'm a total fangirl and I don't care what anyone thinks. Beware, you might be one too after you watch this promo vid.


  1. I love you SO MUCH for posting this. Oh my gosh. My hubs and I watched The Avengers two weekends ago, and this weekend we re-watched Thor and I just have a huge fangirl crush on Loki. I love those pictures. He looks SO classic and old fashioned and GORGEOUS. THANK YOU!

  2. I have to say, I never ever even considered Loki to be hot before this... But then that promo video!

    1. That video will do that to you. He's major swoon. He has destroyed me forever.