Monday, June 18, 2012

blurry instagram pictures from my birthday

I don't know if you can tell, but I've gotten so mundane with my post titles. Sorry for that. Usually I get all deep when it comes to naming my posts, but lately stating the obvious of what you'll read/see has been my desire.

Anyways, last week Wednesday I celebrated my 25th (gasp!) birthday in the mountains at our church's annual Kids' Camp! I had the privilege of serving as this year's girl's director at the camp and ended up being blessed by ALL of the camp staff, team leaders and campers with a HUGE amount of heartfelt gifts. Every morning there would be cabin checks and on my birthday each team left me candies, drinks, fresh flowers and hand written love notes. I even got $20 from the boys team! You can bet I teared when I read all of their letters! Some were cute, some were hilarious but every single letter was written from the heart - and those are the kind of gifts I love! So awesome.

When camp ended my dad asked me where I wanted to eat for my birthday and I chose a restaurant that served up the heartiest of meals: The Bull Shed. It was a great night with just my parents and sis. I found my old denim jacket in my mom's closet and paired it up with a floral shirt and black maxi skirt. Loose clothing goes well when you're about to eat your favorite kind of food. 

'Twas a great night with great food and great company. It topped off a GREAT day after meeting another fellow blogger.........

That picture will be up TOMORROW! ;)

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  1. Awe, Happy Birthday! Looks like you had an awesome one. And I bet I can guess who the fellow blogger was ;)