Friday, June 22, 2012

iheartlily photography | shannon, aiwa and ma`ike

 A few weeks ago, Shannon asked me if I could shoot her maternity pictures. We headed down to the west side of Kaua'i and fought - unexpectedly - with the wind instead of the usual blistering heat that greets you on that side of the island. Although the wind was a bit bothersome, it made for a great photo op in long flowy skirts and floppy hats. If I had pictures of my poor sister constantly chasing after the floppy hat or jumping behind me shouting Ma`ike's name, y'all would laugh. It was a sight for sore eyes. We also had an awesome time with the traffic that passed through the shoot. It was a constant 10-second battle standing in the middle of the highway and then running back to safety. The joys of photography!
Shannon wanted to get some pictures in with her husband and son. Ma`ike just turned 2 and he is a ham! We have all been friends for a really long time and he is definitely a mini-Aiwa! Last Christmas I did their family pictures and the kid refused to smile or look at the camera, but a few months later and he knew how to work it! We were all tired from shooting earlier in the day, but Ma`ike knew exactly what to do to lighten up the mood. I love shooting with kids.

I took a few shots of just mom + dad and those turned out great! We noticed that the rain clouds were rolling in and had maybe 10 minutes left of the sunny, but windy, weather. If you look good, you can see a few rain drops falling while Shannon was "dancing". 

It was so perfect. Rain + sunset + coffee fields.

We packed up, said our goodbyes and as soon as we shut our car doors, the rain unleashed it's fury.

I am also happy to announce that Shannon and Aiwa welcomed their second child, a boy Ho'oku'i (ho-oh-coo-ee) on Monday! I have yet to meet the little man, but a little birdie told me he's beautiful! 
Congratulations Shann & Aiwa!

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  1. What a fun shoot! She is just glowing. Just glowing and happy. Congratulations to the happy couple!