Saturday, June 2, 2012

kristen stewart's red carpet style

 I have always been a fan of Kristen Stewart: her introverted and awkward personality, her movie role choices and even her acting, but the one thing I have always been enthralled by has been her fashion style. It's almost as if the loudness of her outfits make up for how quiet she can be...and I love that. She's daring and she always looks smokin' hot in everything she wears. 

Catch her in Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend!


  1. Love her style! I absolutely love that she doesn't go with the flow and is how she is! For someone so young, to have the courage to be that way, is very enviable! Happy weekend xxx

  2. You know I support this. Kristen is my girl!

  3. Whoa, she really is SO fashionable! I didn't really know how much until you posted these photos. Thanks for sharing! xoxo