Monday, July 23, 2012

summer bliss and a wheelbarrow of updates

Hey friends! 
It's been weeks since I last blogged and I feel all sorts of guilty. I feel like I've abandoned the one special thing I love. But, before I sink in the despair of my guiltiness, let me post a quick one. 
This one will be full of updates. 

Where I've been...
  • I've been busy with opening my Etsy shop and working hard to get my name and products out online and in the community here on Kaua'i. I've sold a few shirts (through my Etsy and Instagram) to a few customers in other states (UM, YAY!) and a few here on Kaua'i. 
  • We just came off of a whirlwind of craziness doing our first big photoshoot! 9+ hours of shooting on a bright sunny day and long nights and long days preparing for the shoot! I selected four models who each had at least 2 outfit changes - they were all great! We're already planning our next shoot in September!
  • When I'm not creating shirts for the Etsy shop, I'm making shirts for a local boutique here on Kaua'i. I'm so excited to be able to sell my products in an upcoming boutique/spa in the very town that I grew up in! A few more weeks and those designs will be out in an actual store!
  • In between all of the above, I'm helping my best friend (yep, that's her up there) plan her wedding! She got engaged a few weeks ago and we have been scouring online sites and blogs and magazines for ideas! I'm so happy for her and Anderson! SO HAPPY! And yep, she's using one of my shirts!

What's next...
  • Planning our next shoot for our fall/winter line (sounds so profesh).
  • Creating, cutting, fringing, thrifting, selling and working my butt off!
  • Taking a breather.....

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