Friday, November 16, 2012

Discovery Day

A few things I have discovered today:

Alabama Shakes - Holy amazeballs. This band has so much soul mixed with a big dose of pop, rock, a little pinch of folk and some 1950 moves. They are simply amazing. So raw and so honest. I have been listening to them the entire day. Thank you, Spotify. Go play "Heartbreaker" now and thank me later.

Honest people - Honest people are still alive. I know, I thought they were long gone, but nope... they're alive but as rare as a chivalrous gentleman. Today I got the harsh truth from someone and my initial thought was "Oh, no she didn't...!" but her honesty empowered me to respect her so much more. Except, now I need more coffee or One Tree Hill to slightly get over it. But in the end, be honest guys! It's the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else!

Myself - Well, I'm discovering who I am everyday. Today was a good day to discover myself and the path I'm on since I had the Alabama Shakes to sing me through it, the Fall weather to calm and soothe my heart and my warm blanket to cuddle under. Now... I need tea. And One Tree Hill. I always need One Tree Hill.

What have you discovered today?

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