Saturday, November 24, 2012

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I haven't done a family photo shoot in a while and I could tell because I double booked myself on Friday morning (one at 9am and another at 10:30am...on Black Friday). But, it's okay, because it was a breath of fresh air and I got to capture a lot of the fun moments that they share when no one else is looking.

The weather was perfect that morning. The sun was out, there was a weird fog covering the mountains and the air was crisp! Everyone was in great spirits - probably due to the awesome deals they got in the early morning - and it was just beautiful.

 I have known Andie, Mario and their 2 kids (and her mom) ever since Mandie was in the second grade - she just turned 13 a few days ago! Yep, time flies and I feel old! They are a crazy, comedic family and I wanted to capture the funniness that runs through their bones. If you knew them personally, you would know that whenever you are around them... you laugh your face off! They love dance parties and opted to dance to Psy's Gangnam style. If I could post the 50+ pictures I got of them dancing, we'd all have tummy cramps from laughing so much.

It was a great day. They closed out the photo shoot morning for me - we literally finished a few minutes before the afternoon. Stay tuned for the first shoot I had that morning.

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