Thursday, July 24, 2014


This blog has seen so many changes it can barely function. But hey, that's life. That's me. Except, I can function. Sort of.

Anyways, over the past 3 months I have been slowly releasing Lily Love (the fashion site, the blog, the name, the team, the everything that has to do with Lily Love) into the wind. I say it so loosely and some take it so serious. I love Lily Love. That name and that brand is tucked so deep into the inner parts of my heart, only the special souls are allowed to see the naked truth. I'm okay with that. I haven't "thrown it all away" but I am starting fresh. Yeah, this might be the same site, with the same blog posts and the same web address... but it's new. I like it like that.

So enjoy my new blog, che'lyssa mae. I wanted to "label" it something fancy like I always do: fashion + music + art... but mehhh, this time, no labels. Just whatever comes to mind. I hope you enjoy my musings, my random thoughts at random parts of the day and most of all my bad grammar (hey, I'm a lazy girl most of the time).


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