Monday, August 18, 2014

don't give up on love

"Love sucks.", "I hate love!", "F love!"

I have seen those phrases so many times on social media, I've nearly gone mad. Whether it's used to caption a sappy quote on Instagram or used as a hashtag to explain an irrelevant photo, I don't get it. Yes, love can drive you mad. It can drive you up the walls and down to the pits. It'll make you exhausted and determined to never have to deal with it ever again.

Yes, love does that. Every kind of love possible will do that.

But, that's love. You know what else love does? It makes you fight for every thing you believe in. It gives you butterflies. It makes you dance, it makes you sing. Love inspires you to never give up. Love helps you to help others. Love makes noise, love speaks volumes. It makes you hope for better days and it makes you yearn for more.

Love never stops. Even if you were to caption your photo with something anti-love, love keeps on going.

So should we. Keep loving. Keep choosing life and hope and joy. Take it with you wherever you go and instill it into the ones who are near, strangers, passer-byers, people you'd never think of. If you've been hurt before, keep on moving forward. Pass it on and don't ever give up on love.

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