Saturday, August 16, 2014

forever learning

July was crazy. Kids' and youth camp, work and ministry all together in the span of a month has nearly dropped me to my bed sheets and wanting to stay there forever. My body has not fully recovered from the flu I caught after the first camp, my sunburn is intense (it really is) and I have not caught up on all of my sleep.

But here I am, listening to Amos Lee, eating strawberries and enjoying the view outside my picture window. Wasting time before I head to work...

Happy. Content. Still, and always, wanting more in life. But still, there's a peace I can't really describe that sits so firmly in my heart.

I've learned so much in the last month. As I always do, as I always want to. I learn about myself, about others. I remember how blessed and loved I am no matter the amount of junk in my heart. I learn how to keep moving forward towards God. Every experience, bad and good, I learn. I learn. I overcome. I keep moving forward.

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