Sunday, August 24, 2014

the moments i live for

My dad and I share something really special. We love music. My dad loves to play, listen to and take apart music. I love to read and analyze lyrics and if I could play, I would in a heartbeat. I mean, four chords on a guitar is really all you need, but my four chords haven't quite shape-shifted into a melody, yet. I grew up listening to my dad sing, playing the guitar, sitting by him while listening to the greatest artists of all time. When I was a little girl, he would put a song on - most of the time it was jazz - and he would make me listen to it... how all the instruments formed together to complete each other, how one instrument didn't overpower another instrument and how great music was always like a dance. A beautiful, lovely dance that made you feel alive. It was never a mechanical-classroom-type-teaching kind of thing, I would watch him and he would be completely enveloped in the song. It trained me to listen to every part of a song, dissect it and make it settle in my heart.

Today, I put on a John Mayer concert and my dad was completely captivated, inspired and enthralled by the music. We sat around the kitchen table and just listened. We listened to the way one guy expressed his heart through guitar and words. We listened to the way Mayer's music is so intricately laced with Hendrix and broken heart. It was a really a beautiful thing. It's in these times that I bond with my dad. He shares his musical experience, the songs he loves, the memories behind each song and how music has been such a big part of his life.

You know when your heart aches with happiness? For me, these moments with my dad are my favorite. These are moments I live for.

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