Sunday, May 17, 2015

friendship + shave ice

 If you work retail you must know that having two days off in a row, is an actual blessing. You should call yourself blessed and highly favored because these mini-vacays are a rarity. They come wrapped up in a tiny box full of naps, mornings to sleep in, breakfast at 11:30 and did I mention naps? I took full advantage of having two complete days off. I knew I wanted to sleep in and that was easy but I also knew that I really wanted to try the newest shave ice shop on the island.

My sister and I have been dying to try Wailua Shave Ice. I'm not much of a shave ice person - gimme cake and ice cream and I'm your girl - but I couldn't resist after following them on Instagram and seeing all of their wonderful treats. We headed to the east side of the island. It's one of those towns that if you blink you'll miss it. It's also a place so familiar to me. Part of my middle school and high school life was spent in these parts and although I love living in the more central part of the island these days, it's always a nice walk down memory lane when I'm in Kapa'a.

Wailua Shave Ice is parked next to an old police sub-station and is right off one the busiest intersection in the town. They are right next to the beach and practically on a bike path that goes for miles up and down the east coast of the island. We get there and it's hot. I'm beaming and ready to devour something cool. I look at the menu and naturally, I go for the safest choice - STRAWBERRY! I always do that. But it's okay because it was sooo good! We sat on the bar that extended under the over-hang of their food truck and within minutes the best shave ice I've had in a long time was served. They served it in a real bowl (I thought that was super cool) and let us just hang on the bar until we were satisfied! The guys were friendly and even let us try their special that day: "Cherryaki"... yes, teriyaki but Cherryaki. And no, there is no teriyaki in there. So good!

We left knowing that we would be back soon! While eating our shave ice, a woman walked up to the trailer to ask where the farmer's market was located... ah, wonderful... "right up the road". We adventured right up the road and made our way to the tiny little parking lot full of tents and vendors and people. Literally, a sea of people. And way too much sun. But, my fresh ginger and bird-of-paradise stocks that I got for my mom were pretty and my kalua bowl from Hanalei Taro & Juice Co. hit the spot and made me forget about how hot it was. We tried the ginger soda from Hanalei Taro and I swear it blinded all of my taste buds. It was like eating raw ginger in the grocery store. Yeah, never again for the ginger soda.

After a nice afternoon in the sun, we headed back to Lihu'e for our midweek service at our church and some ono Hamura's Saimin. But, that's another story for another day... Try Wailua Shave Ice, you will absolutely love it. LOVE IT!

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