Wednesday, May 6, 2015


"I will sit and I will wait
and I will wander through 
years of love
that I have so meticulously kept safe in my heart.
I wont stay there too long, but
however, my lips will curve upwards
as I remember your face
and your voice
and the way you love me.
As the wind travels through my hair,
I will travel to each moment of you; 
those moments I came alive,
those moments my heart ached because it was so full
full of you. 
I'll sit under a tree in a pretty, lonely park on a sunny day
and I'll think of you. 
I'll reminisce to myself about your gentleness
and your strength
and how much I absolutely adore you.
And just as the wind blows another gust through the empty park,
I will take one more breath and breathe you in, all of you
each memory, each moment I smiled with you... because of you.
And as the gust blows through, I'll let the wind take it.
I'll revisit and wander through again, I promise.
I'll pull my hair back and smile again, gently and quickly
as I wipe a lonely tear from my cheek."

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