Tuesday, June 27, 2017

light of the morning

Do you know what writing and healing have in common?

They both demand you to feel. Not just one emotion, but all emotions. They present to you your experiences and they allow you to choose what road you'd like to take. That road that lead to freedom not only in my speech but also in my heart, I refused to journey through it. As much as I wanted both to write and to heal, the thought of even feeling triggered was a can of worms I wasn't willing to open. But, here I am. A year later from the unspoken trauma (a trauma that will probably be shared at a later time) ready to open up my heart again by using one of the few things that have always helped me to move forward: writing.

Here I am... in all the glory of vulnerability. And this time, I'm not afraid. Sure, I have fears. But I'll face them with courage and I'll defeat them with grace.

xo Che'

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